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CPXcenter’s TQX is the easiest, quickest, and most effective method for increasing ROI. Traffic Quality Index optimization is very simple. Just choose the lowest rating a traffic source must have to run your ad. Our Traffic Quality Index rates websites on a scale of 0 to 100 (0 representing very, very low converting traffic, and 100 representing high conversion rates). The default setting for Traffic Quality Index optimization is 0, which allows all traffic. To send only higher quality traffic to your ad, set the limits to 30 or more.

Don’t forget…

REMEMBER: If the limits are set too high, advertisers run the risk of not getting any traffic at all. Also, remember that all traffic sources begin on the system with a 49 default rating until 1000 impressions are recorded. After 1000 impressions, our system calculates the conversions from the traffic and adjusts the rating of the traffic source. So the more traffic you receive from a source, the more accurate the TQX rating becomes.

For more information about how CPXcenter’s Traffic Quality Index works, read more here and here.


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