How To Sell Traffic On MyAdMarket Ad Exchange

Are you looking for the most efficient way to monetizing your traffic? Well MyAdMarket has just the right solution for you!

MyAdMarket includes an ad exchange, and with just one click you have access to thousands of campaigns in the ad exchange marketplace. In addition you can guarantee to receive the CPM rate you desire as you will be able to set your floor price for your traffic.

In order to get started, here is what you need to do:

  1. Set your floor price (this will guarantee your CPM rate) and connect to any of the ad buyer networks

  2. Create Ad Tag to sell your traffic

  3. Set your default ad tag, the default ad will kick in when there is no partner network bidding on your traffic

The below will show you a step-by-step guide on how to set everything up within MyAdMarket.

  1. Request Selling To Ad Buyers

    1. go to menu ad exchange=> Ad Buyersell traffic 1a

    2.  On this page you can search for the right ad buyers for your traffic, either by searching by ad formats or the geographical location. Let’s say in this example we do ‘Suggest ad buyers by geographical statistic.’sell traffic 1b

    3. You can now choose the time frame and how many networks to display. You can click on the graph or the numbers beside the ad format to see the available networks.sell traffic 1c

    4. You can now see the possible networks and campaigns. To review the network in details click on the network ID. To send the network a connection request, click on Send Connection Request.sell traffic 1d

    5. To review the network information click on the Network ID to see the network in more details. You can also see the number of potential campaigns available in their network. Finally if you want to connect with them click on Send Connection Request’.sell traffic 1e

      When you request the connection with the ad buyer you can state what type of campaigns to automatically approved to run on your network, the minimum prices (this is where you will set your price floor for your traffic) for the specific cost metrics and message.

    6. If you go back to Ad Exchange => Ad Buyers,  you will see your connected ad buyers.sell traffic 1f

  2. Create Ad Code To Sell Your Traffic
    1. go to menu Affiliate => Ad Zonesell traffic 2a
    2. if you need to create a new ad zone, continue to step 3, otherwise skip to step 5
    3. click on +New ad zone, located at the top left sub-menusell traffic 2c
    4. follow the steps to create a new ad zonesell traffic 2d
    5. go back to the top menu at Affiliate => Ad zone, select an ad zone from the list, then click on Get Code. sell traffic 2e
  3. Set Up Your Default Ad Tag
    .Default ads are ads that will be displayed on your affiliate’s ad zone when there are no ads to display on the specific ad zone. These default ads will help with filling the traffic so that when visitors visit  the website they won’t see a blank space.

    1. to add the default ad in your system click on the ‘Add graphic banner default ad’ button.sell traffic 3asell traffic 3a1
    2. You can now add your graphic default banner here, you can select the countries, a weight, enter   the image and redirect URL and click on ‘Add to save the banner. sell traffic 3bYou can press the ‘edit button to go back to the default ad addition page so you are able to revise any information you wish.

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