How to Set Up CPM, CPV and CPC Campaigns

Welcome to CPXcenter! Are you ready to set up your campaigns? Your advertisers, affiliates, and publishers will have their own member areas, but the administrators on the CPXcenter platform can make campaigns too. So here’s how to set up CPM, CPV and CPC campaigns in the admin area of the CPXcenter platform.

Before You Create Your CPV/CPM/CPC Campaign

Before starting any campaign, here’s what you need to do beforehand:

1. Determine the purpose of the campaign

This helps decide which cost metric is the best fit for your client’s campaign. Do you want people to sign up for a mailing list? Do you want more traffic to your site? For building awareness and encouraging more people to visit your website, CPV/CPM/CPC campaigns are the way to go.

2. Have creatives ready to go, and in the correct sizes

CPV, CPM, and CPC campaigns use banners in these dimensions. Have your creatives ready before you start making a campaign.

Table_01  table_02


Creating a New CPM Campaign on CPXcenter


Once you know your purpose/cost metric and you have your graphic in the correct size, it’s time to make the campaign. Here’s how to set up your CPM/CPV/CPC campaign on CPXcenter. From your dashboard, click “Campaign” under the Advertiser tab at the top of the page. Next, click the red “+New Campaign” button. This button is both on the right side of the screen, and underneath your business’ logo in the top left-hand corner.

This will take you to the “Create Campaign” page where you need to provide the basic information about your campaign. Choose the advertiser you’re making the campaign for, give it a unique name, and choose a start and end date. If you choose not to pick a start or end date, the campaign will start automatically once all information for the campaign has been input, and the campaign will continue to run until you stop it manually, or your account runs out of funds.

Next set the default campaign URL. This is the landing URL that will receive all the traffic. It’s here where you can add tag replacements for cookie-less tracking. Then set the daily and total budgets for this campaign. If you don’t set these limits, the campaign will only stop if you stop it manually or if your account runs out of funds.

Finally, fill in the details of your offer. This is where you let your affiliates/publishers know what your campaign is all about and any specific parameters or rules that you enforce. Under the “Conversion on” table, click “other.” It is only for CPA or CPL campaigns where this information is relevant.

Now, click “Create Campaign.”


Adding Creatives to your Campaigns


Now it’s time to add the banners to your campaign. Choose your marketing objective. CPM/CPC/CPV campaigns are in the left and middle columns. Click the one you need. Here I chose “See your banner” as my objective, which will create a CPM (cost per mille) campaign.

Next you’ll need to add your banner. Click on the “Add new” tab, name your creative, and upload the image you’d like to use as a banner. Add the click URL, and select “Add to library.” You can add additional creatives to this campaign later on when you’ve finished setting it up.


Targeting Your CPM/CPV/CPC Campaigns


Now that all of the information and graphics are set up, it’s time to set up the targeting and the prices. Set the prices that you will pay publishers for running your campaign. Here you can also add different price models to the same campaign by clicking on another cost metric under “Add price model” on the right side of the screen.

For targeting, the default is to target everything (which isn’t really targeting at all!). If you’d like to target a few specific countries, check “all” under “Remove countries” to clear the targeting list from 243 countries to 0. Next, find and click the countries you’d like to target under “Add country.” You can change the prices for specific countries here.

Choose any of the other targeting features you’d like to use, or leave the “any” default target. You can target your campaign by language, ISP, device, mobile features, OS, browser, and traffic sources. Click “Add to campaign” when you’re finished.

You’re done! As long as there are funds in the account, the campaign will go live immediately, and you can track your campaign progress from this campaign dashboard.


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