How to Fund Your Advertising Campaigns on MyAdMarket

Just starting out in affiliate marketing? MyAdMarket is an affordable platform to build up your network. If you don’t have an ad network or a list of advertisers, MyAdMarket is the perfect ad serving platform to test the waters. We can connect you to publishers and advertisers from other networks with just a few clicks. But first, you must properly fund your accounts. There are 3 important steps to fund your own advertising campaigns on MyAdMarket. Here’s how payment and funding works with MyAdMarket:


1. Monthly Subscription Fee

Pricing options for CPXcenter

This is the cost of the MyAdMarket software. If you’re just starting out, we recommended signing up for our basic subscription, which is just $9/month. It includes 100k clicks and 100k views. As your traffic increases, you can easily switch to subscription levels with more clicks and impressions.


2. Funding Your Advertiser Account

How to fund advertiser campaigns on CPXcenter step 1

If you want to run your own campaigns, you’ll need to put credits into your own advertiser account. These credits represent a dollar limit to your advertising campaigns—this is not real money, only a value in your network system.

What can be confusing to new affiliate marketers is the number value put into an advertiser account balance. This is not real money. The real money is in your bank account, and has to be paid either directly to a publisher, or paid to your Ad Media Exchange to buy traffic from another network. This advertiser account balance on the system is more like advertising credits that can be traded for traffic.

This process makes more sense when you think of another advertiser paying you to run campaigns on your network. That advertiser would pay you, then you would manually input that dollar amount into their advertiser account balance. When running a campaign you don’t have to pay yourself, but you do need to add credits to your own advertiser account if you want to run campaigns.

Bottom line: Your ads won’t run on a publisher’s site without any credits in your advertisers account. Here’s how to add credits to your advertiser account:

a) Go to the “Advertiser list” under the “Advertiser” tab.

b) Find your advertiser account and click “details.”

c) Click the red add button beside the account balance to add credits.

d) Type in amount you wish to add to your account. You can skip adding the “Pay Type” and “Bank Transaction ID” because you’re not paying yourself, so this information is not applicable.

e) Click “Add fund” when you’re finished. Notice, no payment transaction has taken place (there is no PayPal or credit card transaction). You’re only adding credits to your account.

f) And you’re done!


3. Funding the Ad Media Exchange

How to fund the AMX on CPXcenter

If you don’t have any publishers on your network, that’s no problem! You can connect with publishers and other networks with just a few clicks using the Ad Media Exchange (AMX). But to purchase traffic from other parties, you need to put money (real money) into your AMX account through PayPal. Here’s how to do it:

a) Click on “Billing” under “Ad Exchange,” or click on the “low funds” notification at the top right-hand corner.

b) Click the red add button to deposit funds into your ad media exchange account.

c) Type in the amount you wish to deposit and click “Add via YesUp Payment Gateway.”

d) Fill out the payment form with your credit card or PayPal information.

e) And, you’re done!

And that’s how you fund your advertising campaign on MyAdMarket. Hope this was helpful! Video tutorial coming soon!


Want to know how MyAdMarket can be integrated with your business? Interested in a free demo? Contact us today at [email protected] or visit our website for more information.

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