How to Create a CPA Ad Campaign

Creating CPL and CPA ad campaigns on our system is similar to the process of creating CPM/CPC/CPV campaigns. The only differences are additional steps for tracking the actions and linking up your CPXcenter platform and your advertiser’s tracking system.


Add Your CPA Ad Campaign’s Basic Information


For this tutorial we will make a campaign for the purpose of getting users to add their email to a mailing list. Start making the campaign by going to the advertiser account for the CPA campaign we’ll be creating. Click on the account ID and then click “add campaign”. This takes you to the campaign set up page. Name the campaign and enter a start and end date. If no values are entered here, the campaign will start as soon as it’s approved, and will just keep going until the funds in the account run out.

Now we need to add the “default campaign URL.” Because we are creating a CPA campaign, this field is mandatory. Insert whichever tracking tag replacement your system uses, either or both cluid or uid. For this tutorial, we’re inserting [cluid]. If your tracking system uses the curly brackets, replace them with the square brackets when typing it into this form. Next fill out the “preview URL.” This is where you put the generic URL, without all the tracking information.

And finally give your campaign a daily budget and a total budget. If these fields are empty, the campaign will run until the money in your account runs out or when the campaign reaches its end date.

Next add the details for your campaign. In the description box, explain what your campaign is trying to acheive. Next, select what action will equal a conversion. This is essential for CPA campaigns. For this example we are trying to get sign ups for a mailing list, so “email submit” is our desired action.

Finally, set the terms and conditions. This is where you offer the reasons you will deny conversions.

Now create the campaign.

Set Up Your Creatives


We are creating a CPA or cost per action campaign, so we are trying to drive an action. Choose “take an action on your website” as the objective. This will create a CPA campaign. Click continue.

This will take you to the creative page, but first go to the campaign summary page. Click “campaign details” on the left menu.

This is the campaign summary page. Scroll down to the “creatives” section and click the red add button. Next choose the type of visual you’d like to use as the creative. Here you can choose to make a text ad, graphical banner, etc. For our mailing list campaign we’ll use a pop ad, which uses a full webpage.

Select “add new” and name the creative and input the URL of the full-page ad. Click “add to library.”

CPA Ad Campaign Targeting


Once the creative is selected we need to set the pricing and the targeting. Choose a price per conversion. Here you can also add additional price models to your campaign.

Now set the targeting options. Click “show details” beside country targeting. The default is to target all countries. To select specific countries, under “remove countries” select “all” and then select your target countries under “add country.” You can also target by language, device, features, operating system, browser, or traffic source. The more targeting, the more focused the campaign will be, but you can run the risk of limiting your traffic too much, especially if your network is small. Click “add to campaign” when you’re done.

Verify Your Tracking Codes


Next we have to verify the tracking URL. Click on the name of the creative. Next go to “show tracking tag.” This is where you find the script that will connect the CPXcenter platform with the tracking service that your advertiser is using. Copy either the pixel tracking or the server to server tracking codes and send it to your advertiser. They need to input this code on their end.

Once this is set up, and your advertiser has confirmed that they’ve added the code, click “go to landing page” to test that your system is connected to theirs correctly. If this is a trusted advertiser, you can manually verify the campaign without testing it by clicking on the button on the right.

And you’re done! Your CPA campaign is active and verified.



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