CPXcenter’s Unique Built-in Ad Exchange Feature

With CPXcenter you’ll never have to stress about unsold traffic or having too little traffic. Our unique ad exchange extension enhances your native platform without interfering with your daily functions.

The ad exchange is a very powerful feature added to your business with a simple click, connecting with other networks as an ad buyer or an ad seller. Through CPXcenter you can gain access to traffic inventory from large and niche publishers, and get the first look at primary ad inventory on quality sites, choose the best traffic sources for your offers, and get conversions faster. Getting higher eCPMs rates are also advantages to the ad exchange. We made it easy to sell your traffic inventory at premium rates and to get high quality ads from top ad networks. CPXcenter allows you to get the best payout on the market.

Other advantages of the CPXcenter Ad Exchange

  • Click and Partner: establish a partnership with a simple click and CPXcenter will connect you with other media buyers and sellers
  • Own Your Relationships: link with ad buyers and/or ad sellers directly, hassle-free right on the CPXcenter platform
  • Electronic Insertion Order: easily centralized payment/receipt with all ad buyers and ad sellers
  • Gain Maximum Efficiency: import offers through third party systems within one platform
  • Media partners: affiliates in the marketplace are pre-integrated, therefore it allows you to work conveniently with other media partner’s affiliate marketing programs.


If you have further questions or want to request a demo, feel free to reach out at [email protected] or learn more at our website.

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