How To Buy Traffic On MyAdMarket Ad Exchange

Are you looking for the most effective and efficient way to open up your campaigns to a new audience base, to increase the traffic volume etc? Then MyAdMarket has the right solution for you!

The Ad Exchange is a feature which allows ad buyers like yourself to connect to ad sellers (publishers) in order for you to buy traffic from them. The Ad Exchange consists of reliable ad networks who can provide your campaigns with the notable traffic that’s required. Each ad network has its own cost metric pricing rates and terms.

In order to get started, here is what you need to do:

  1. Connect to Ad Sellers (publishers) in the Ad Exchange
  2. Add funds in your Ad Exchange account

The below will show you a step-by-step guide on how to start buying traffic from the Ad Exchange.

  1. Connecting to Ad Sellers in the Ad Exchange
    1. Hover over Ad Exchange => Connect New Network => Search Ad sellersScreenshot-8
    2. Click on Send Connection Request => Enter and select the desired valuesScreenshot-9
    3. To view a list of your ad seller connections hover over Ad Exchange => Ad Sellers, beside each ad seller will be their partnership status. Active status means that the ad seller has approved your connection requestScreenshot-10
    4. To view the cost metric rates of an ad seller, simply click on the ad seller from the list, the tab will open up to display additional information: From here you can change their Daily Budget, Revenue Sharing percentage and activate/pause trafficScreenshot-11
  2. Add funds in your Ad Exchange account
    1. Hover over Ad Exchange => Ad Sellers, under the Exchange Summary heading click on the + button => Enter desired $ value (Min. $10 USD) => Click on the Add via Yesup Payment Gateway button. The funds will now appear on the page.Screenshot-12
    2. Its important to verify that your Advertiser account is also funded. If you are an ad network, your advertisers will be paying you directly for this amount via their member area and it will display in their account. However if you are just looking to buy traffic you will need to add funds by clicking on ‘+’ sign and enter an amount. This is for tracking purpose only for you to see how much the campaign spent. Screenshot-13



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