How to Block an Affiliate/Site from a Partnered Network

CPXcenter allows you to easily partner with other ad networks, advertisers, and affiliates with just a few clicks, but some of those partnerships can be a mixed bag in terms of conversion rates. CPXcenter knows that even the best ad networks can have a few bad apples. So to protect our client’s (your) bottom line, our ad serving platform allows you to block an affiliate from your ad network partners. If the traffic from certain websites is not converting, don’t discontinue your entire partnership with that ad network, but rather block traffic from the specific accounts instead. Here’s how to do it.


Find the Under-Performing Affiliate/Site

CPXcenter admin find under-performing affiliates

The first step is to identify the affiliate or site that is not converting. Go to the summary of the advertiser account that you’re optimizing. At the bottom of the summary is a list of campaigns. Select the one that you want to optimize. This takes you to the campaign summary page. On the left-hand menu click “Traffic report.”

The traffic report breaks down the views/clicks of the campaign by country and by specific affiliates. You can find the affiliate summary at the bottom of the page. Here is where you can identify which affiliates perform the best, and which are performing poorly.

If a campaign has a high number of views, but no interactions (clicks, conversions), this affiliate is under performing. Take a note of their affiliate ID and the network the affiliate is registered with. Using this information, you can block this under-performing affiliate from your network.


How to Block an Affiliate on CPXcenter

CPXcenter admin block an affiliate

Once you have the name of the user account, you can set the ad exchange to deny traffic from that user.

First, click on “ad sellers” under the “Ad Exchange” tab at the top of your dashboard. This takes you to a list of ad sellers that are connected to your network. Find the ad network using the search fields at the top of the “Connected Ad Sellers” list. Click on the name of the ad network to expand the profile, and click “details” on the top right.

This takes you to the summary of your partnership. At the bottom of this page is the “Optimize Preference” section. Click on the number beside either “Affiliates blocked” or “Sites blocked”. Both numbers take you to the same page.

Here is where you can block an affiliate or a website. Click the red “Block affiliate” or “Block site” buttons that are to the right of your screen. Type in the affiliate ID number and click “import all”. This adds the affiliate to your block list. You can add multiple affiliates to this block list by separating the ID numbers with a comma.



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